Tara Johnson, an accomplished author, captivates readers with her engaging storytelling and relatable characters. With a keen understanding of the educational landscape, Tara’s book for educators, “Center Savvy in Six Steps,” offers a practical and systematic approach to implementing centers in the classroom. Through her clear guidance and real-life examples, teachers can confidently navigate the six steps to center success, creating an engaging and effective learning environment for their students. In addition to her insightful educational resource, Tara’s children’s book, “A Case of the Monkeys,” takes readers on an exciting journey with Eleanor, a school girl overcoming stage fright. Through humor and adventure, Tara beautifully explores themes of courage and self-discovery. As Tara continues to pursue publication for her latest work, “The Dots of Friendship,” readers can anticipate another heartwarming tale filled with magical surprises and the power of friendship.

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Are you looking for a way to keep your students engaged in learning? Are you ready to try a new approach in your classroom? Have you thought about implementing centers, but were clueless on how to begin? In Center Savvy in Six Steps, author Tara Johnson breaks down the task of effectively running centers into six, straight-forward steps to center success. Tara shares how she has systematized the method of using centers in all subject areas. Through examples and practical insight, she shows how a teacher can go from novice to proficient in six steps.

In these pages you’ll discover:

• How to identify your own center preferences that will work in your classroom

• How to set up and plan for centers

• How to implement centers from beginning to end effectively and efficiently

Using centers in the classroom can be an engaging teaching method. If you are a new teacher or have tried centers but were unsuccessful, this book is for you!

Eleanor is a school girl like any other, except that she is terrified to get on stage. Eleanor is in for a surprise when she discovers what (or who) is really behind her belly flops. Join Eleanor on her quest to discover the real and unimaginable cause of her stage fright. Will she find the courage to conquer her fear once she knows the truth?

Come along and join the toddler crew as they embark on new adventures every day. The ordinary becomes extraordinary when the toddlers meet some unlikely friends.  You are sure to be delighted as their adventures bring about magical surprises and forever friendships.